Casper vs. Leesa

Mattress shopping has changed drastically over the last few years. Thanks to the boom in online brands, you can get a higher quality bed for a lower price direct from the maker rather than going to a brick and mortar mattress shop. The change cuts out the costly middleman and high-pressure sales. Casper and Leesa are two large brands in the online mattress industry, and this guide compares them.

Casper launched its brand in April 2014 with one mattress designed to fit a wide array of sleep needs. Now they’ve grown to three all-foam models. The original Casper is the mid-priced model, and there’s The Essential, which is a “bargain” bed, and then a higher-end model called The Wave. As of 2017, Casper was the largest online mattress brand by market share and continues to disrupt the market.

Leesa was also founded in 2014 and has a similar take, launching with one mattress designed to fit most consumers. They started with the Leesa, a memory foam bed, and now offer the Sapira, a foam and pocket coil hybrid. Leesa is an interesting brand because of their philanthropic efforts, donating one bed for every 10 that it sells, and planting one tree for each mattress it produces.

Next, we’ll see how these two mattress brands build their beds, how they differ, and which might be a better choice for your good night’s sleep.

Casper vs. Leesa Mattress Comparison

Casper Mattress


All three Casper mattresses have an OEKO-TEX certified cover which means it’s safe from toxic chemicals. All covers are removable and can be machine washed. The colors differ by each model, and The Wave has a slightly softer cover.


The Essential basic model has two comfort layers: one of memory foam and one of polyfoam. The original Casper has two comfort layers: one is high-density memory foam, and the other is breathable polyfoam. The Wave has three comfort layers: one of memory foam, one of latex, and one of cooling polyfoam.


The Essential basic has one support layer of durable polyfoam. The original Casper has a dual support core of durable polyfoam under a transition layer zoned for targeted support. The Wave has a dual support core of contouring poly foam under high-resiliency polyfoam with support polymers.


Casper Mattress Construction

Leesa Mattress


Both of Leesa’s models, the Leesa and Sapira, feature covers made from polyester Lycra® for comfort, stretch, and breathability. They have a signature solid color with a four-stripe design that differs in color slightly by model.


The Leesa features a dual comfort layer starting with durable and contouring memory foam under a top layer of cooling proprietary Avena® foam. The Sapira also has a dual comfort layer, but the memory foam and Avena® foam are slightly less thick based on differing designs.


Leesa has a high-density polyfoam support core. The Sapira has a triple support core starting with a thin and durable polyfoam support base for stability. On top of that is a thick layer of pocket coils for support and then another layer of the same thin, durable polyfoam as below.


Leesa Mattress Construction

Casper vs. Leesa Firmness

Firmness is subjective to every sleeper. The support materials determine how firm a bed feels. It’s about how it keeps your spine aligned for supportive sleep. The mattress industry evaluates firmness on a scale of 1 to 10 with beds rated 1 as very soft, and beds rated 10 as extremely firm.

Most people find comfort in the middle of this range depending on their preferences and needs. Heavy people usually need a firmer bed for proper support and alignment. Lightweight people usually prefer a less firm bed otherwise the sleep surface may be too rigid for them.

The most important consideration of firmness of a mattress is how it feels to you and how well you sleep on it.

Casper Firmness

Very Soft (1)

The original Casper rates 6.5 on the firmness scale which is medium-firm. The Wave is slightly less firm, rating about 5.5-6 on the scale while The Essential rates much like the original around 6.5. The mid-range firmness of the three models should satisfy many sleepers.

Leesa Firmness

Very Soft (2)

The original Leesa is at the top end of medium-firm, rated about a 7 on the industry scale. The Sapira hybrid rates closer to 6.5 which is medium-firm. Heavier people, hotter sleepers, and those that prefer a firmer sleep experience should consider the more supportive Sapira.

Casper vs. Leesa Sleep Experience

The sleep experience of any mattress is a function of the overall design of a bed. There are two parts to a bed: the support core and comfort layer. The support core determines how firm the bed feels while the comfort layer(s) determines how soft it feels and how well it contours your body.

Some factors to consider with sleep experience:

  1. Motion transfer: how much a bed moves as you shift around
  2. Temperature: how well mattress materials dissipate body heat
  3. Responsiveness: how a bed returns to its original shape after you apply pressure
  4. Bounce: how springy a bed feels (very important for sex!)
  5. Edge support: the feeling of security or sinking at the perimeter of the mattress
  6. Off-gassing: the aroma that comes after unboxing polyfoam

Here’s how Casper and Leesa perform for these all-important factors.

buy the casper mattress


  • Motion transfer: All of Casper’s bed are good at controlling motion transfer, but it’s not motionless. The Wave has better motion transfer with The Essential the least effective.
  • Temperature: Foam beds sleep hotter than other materials, in general, and of the three Casper models, The Wave sleeps cooler followed by the original with the Essential sleeping warmest.
  • Responsiveness: The Wave is more responsive than the original or Essential, but all three recover fairly quickly when you change position.
  • Bounce: All three models have nice bounce which is good for sex and won’t leave you feeling “stuck” in the mattress with well-designed comfort layers.
  • Edge support: Foam beds aren’t known for excellent edge support. The zoned support in The Wave and original are good, but The Essential doesn’t have this feature.
  • Off-gassing: Interestingly, The Essential rates better for off-gassing than the two higher-priced Casper models and all three use CertiPUR-US low-VOC foams.
Leesa Mattress


  • Motion transfer: The Leesa performs well for motion transfer, but the Sapira really stands out with a much lower disturbance during sleep movement.
  • Temperature: Both beds rank well for heat dissipation because of the proprietary Avena® cooling foam, but the Sapira is even cooler because of the airflow from the pocket coils.
  • Responsiveness: Both beds have responsive Avena® foam that’s quick to recover when you shift around and won’t keep you stuck.
  • Bounce: Both Leesa and Sapira have nice bounce, but the Sapira’s pocket coils make it a bit bouncier (without being too springy) if that’s an important sensation to you.
  • Edge support: Sapira has much better edge support than Leesa, because of the coils versus an all-foam design.
  • Off-gassing: Both Sapira and Leesa use low-VOC CertiPUR-US foams, but Leesa buyers report more of an initial aroma after unboxing than do Sapira owners.

Casper vs. Leesa Shipping, Trial, Warranty, and Returns

Casper Leesa
Delivery Fee Shipping is free to all 50 states and Canadian provinces. Shipping is free to all 50 states.
Shipping Casper ships UPS ground, and most deliveries are within 3-5 days. They ship via UPS Ground, and it takes 3-6 days for Leesa and 2-8 days for Sapira.
White Glove In-home delivery and set-up are available in 48 contiguous states and Toronto. It costs $100 ($75 in NYC and LA) and CAD 125 in Toronto. Leesa doesn’t offer white glove delivery or set-up.
Mattress Removal Mattress removal is available and costs $50 in the US and CAD 75 in Toronto. Leesa will not remove your old mattress.
Sleep Trial Casper offers a 100-night sleep trial. Both models have a 100-night sleep trial.
Returns Casper coordinates returns and donates the mattress to charity (where allowed by law). After confirmation of pick-up, they process the full returns and promise you’ll have the money back within two weeks. You must wait out a 30-day mandatory break-in period before requesting a return. Leesa sends someone to pick up the mattress and issues the refund upon confirmation. Alaska and Hawaii buyers pay a $100 return fee.
Warranty Casper offers a 10-year limited warranty that addresses defective materials and craftsmanship under normal wear and tear when used with a proper base. Leesa offers a 10-year limited warranty that covers defects in materials or craftsmanship. They might disqualify your warranty if you didn’t use a good base

Casper vs. Leesa Price and Value

Brand/Model Twin Twin XL Full Queen King Cal King
Casper Essential $350 $400 $500 $600 $725 $725
Casper Original $595 $645 $895 $995 $1,195 $1,195
Casper Wave $1,095 $1,195 $1,695 $1,995 $2,395 $2,395
Leesa $525 $695 $855 $995 $1,195 $1,195
Sapira $995 $1,095 $1,295 $1,495 $1,795 $1,795

What represents an “affordable” mattress varies from person to person. You’ll have a cost threshold and will likely spend more for a bed for your master bedroom than your guest room. No matter how much you plan to spend, value is a concept to consider.

By mattress value, we mean how much bang you’re getting for your buck. Cheap materials may not be worth it in the long run. A better-quality bed lasts longer and will need to be replaced less frequently than a cheap one, so there’s long-term investment also to consider.

The original Casper and Leesa are very close in price and both are all-foam beds of similar construction. Head to head, the two are also very similar in value. Both offer a well-made bed designed for middle of the road sleepers and will suit a range of prospective buyers.

Casper Essential is a cheaper bed but is well made. If you’re on a budget, it’s a contender, but won’t have the durability of a costlier bed with higher-grade materials. Also, if you have special sleep needs (hot sleep, back pain, etc.), it might not be the best for you.

Of the three Casper models, the original is the best value for your mattress-buying buck and has the highest satisfaction ratings. With Leesa, as the Sapira runs about $700 more (for every size), unless your sleep needs demand a hybrid design (hot sleeping, heavy, etc.), Leesa may be a better choice.

Casper vs. Leesa – Which One Should You Buy?

Mattress buying is all about personal preference. In addition to considering your budget, you should look to your sleep style, position, any health concerns, and specific needs. When deciding between Casper and Leesa, here are some of the sleep preferences to carefully weigh.

Casper is best for:
  • Side sleepers – Stick to the original Casper or The Wave and avoid The Essential.
  • Back sleepers – Back sleepers may prefer The Wave or original model Casper.
  • Stomach sleepers – Stomach sleepers do better on the original Casper.
  • Heavy sleepers – Heavy people (250+ lbs.) do better on The Wave.
  • Light sleepers – Lighter people seem to prefer the original or The Essential.
  • Sexual activity – Casper and The Wave rate better for sex than The Essential.
  • Budget shoppers – The Essential is lower-cost for those on a strict budget.
  • Hot sleepers – The Wave and original are the coolest Casper models.
Leesa is best for: